Independent consultation and advisory services for the urban forest.

  • AQF Level 8 Project Arborists

  • Qualified member of Queensland Arboricultural Association
  • Modern and progressive techniques and methodology for tree management in the ever changing urban canopy.


Arborist Consulting for a safe and low risk working environment.

Modern Tree Consultants is an owner operated family business with a dedicated team of consulting arborists that specialise in arboricultural services by assisting clients with all aspects of tree management. With combined industry experience in excess of 7 years we have wealth of knowledge available to ensure we give our clients the best possible service and advice.

Our AQF level 5 arborists are able to assess trees for health and safety, suitability, retention benefits, amenity value and all the things that make trees both hazardous and special in a landscape. This may be required for an individual tree’s or for large sites such as a school’s or golf courses. We are able to offer our clients complete tree audits ensuring they meet their duty of care and provide our clients peace of mind.



Arborist Reports also referred to as Tree Reports. They establish the Health and condition of a tree. These reports are produced by our AQF Level 5 Arborists.


A Tree Safety Audit is the process of assessing the trees on your site using an industry acceptable tool to determine the risk associated with the trees.


A Project Arborist is the service whereby we supervise work that is being done around trees.


A tree’s make up is root, trunk, and crown; invisible is the root, the critical section of the tree that needs just as much care as its aerial parts.


Is the process of locating the root system of trees. The roots system of trees is vitally important for stability of a tree.


There are many other services we offer in relation to trees, which are listed below. These may be required for various reasons or can form part of investigation or reports as required by council.

At Modern Tree Consultants we pride ourselves in supplying quality arboricultural services to our clients throughout the Gold Coast region.

Utilising the latest technology in the industry we are able to produce for our clients, impartial arborist reports, tree risk reviews and tree health management plans. We are fully insured arborists that work locally primarily throughout the Gold Coast Region. We are qualified AQF Level 5 and a member of The Queensland Arboricultural Association. Our qualifications allow us to apply our skills where required to ensure our clients trees are managed responsibly and sustainable.

Our team of professional arborists is ready to discuss your needs today. Please give us a little information and we’ll come back to you with next steps.