Expertise in Urban Tree Care

Modern Tree Consultants are a Gold Coast based Arboricultural Consultancy who’s Arborist has over 10 years of Industry and Local Government experience. This means we understand the issues involved in the care of trees in the Urban Environment, and the difficulties faced when dealing with the conflicts between trees, people and property.

Modern Tree Consultants provides cost effective services for Government, Commercial and Residential situations.

We are members of the International Queensland Arboricultural Association and International Society of Arborculture (ISA), which are some of Australia’s peak national organisation, representing Arborists and promoting professional tree care within Australia.

Membership of both organisations is governed by a strict Code of Ethics in how we conduct our business and the quality of advice we provide. This is further backed by our commitment to ongoing Arboricultural training  and education to ensure that we can provide the most up to date scientific information.

  We provide a range of arboricultural assessment and advice services that include:

  • Tree health and condition assessments
  • Risk Assessment
  • Arboricultural Reports
  • Tree protection for development sites / working around trees on development sites
  • Tree species selection
  • Tree management plants
  • Vegetation Control Agreements (VCA)
  • Tree Surveys
  • Monetary valuations of trees (Amenity Valuation)

We are  happy to discuss how we can provide a service that suits your needs.